My birthday boy

He’s 28 years old now.  Wow.  I remember the day he was born like it was LITERALLY yesterday.  He’s growing up and I’m  getting OLD!  sigh

YIPPEE!  I finally got to use my pretty cake stand to put a cake on!!! 

It’s a GLUTEN FREE chocolate cake with fresh raspberry topping.  His girlfriend was recently diagnosed as being allergic to gluten.  Continual stomach aches mystery solved.  Venture into finding GOOD tasting gluten-free baked goods . . . a real CHALLENGE!   I used a Bob’s Red Mill chocolate cake mix.  It turned out ‘okay’.  “Pretty good, for gluten-free” they informed me.  A bit too dense, and quite DRY; which I had expected, and hoped the excessive raspberry gooeyness on top would cover up.    I think I’ll work on some recipes of my own.  Surely there are ways to make it less dry and more moist and fluffy.  Adding a banana maybe?

It took three of them to light the ‘sparkler’ candles.

I tried to capture the ‘sparkling’ in a photo.

These candles melt FAST and do not BLOW out!  Have to be put in a glass of water to extinguish.  But they ARE fun!

And because he IS who he is, he HAD to try to blow them out!

They just got home from ten days in Hawaii, visiting her grandparents.

He was still a bit ‘bedraggled’ from his night out with friends partying for his birthday.

Picture of the ladder shelf Michael built for them a couple of months ago. 

Michael built it and let them paint it.  Looks as good as the ready-made (and much pricier!) ones to me! 


Picture of the ginormous Pottery Barn inspired wall clock face I made for him; which he does NOT like!  I wanted him to stand next to it so you could see how bit it was by comparison.  He couldn’t even muster up a smile for mom!

Oh well.  He LOVED the two new bar stools we got.  Of course I forgot to take a pic of those.  Just your basic modern looking stools with suede like seats; which match their sofa and loveseat.

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