PICTURES! Lots of new stuff in our space at Camas Antiques

WHEW!!  Re-doing BOTH of our mall spaces in one day was quite the task.  But with the cost of gas to haul the trailer, it’s a bit of a necessity.  At least we only need to do it 5-6 times a year.  Here are the pictures of the fruits of our labor:

We rearranged almost everything in the entire space.  Except the BIG window pane shelf on the left side, and one smaller shelf that faces the front on the left.  Had to leave the wall stuff ‘as is’ for now due to time constraints; but will be re-doing them later this week.

Michael built and I painted some ‘permanent’ (ie not for sale) corner shelves for both sides of the space.  Those corners are always SO hard to fill!  I always want to ANGLE things in them to ‘soften the look’, but in doing that I’m losing valuable display space.  These shelves work PERFECTLY to fill in those corners AND give me more display space.

I re-did this BIG ‘monster shelf’ earlier last week.  The backing was pink.  I covered the backing with old book pages.  MUCH better backdrop for all the smalls it always gets piled on it.  This shelf IS for sale, btw; $ 629.95.  It’s approximately 6 feet tall and 6 feet wide.  Like I said, it’s BIG!!

NEW ITEM:  Soft gray chest of drawers; lightly distressed.

Another view of the gray chest with cubby shelf on top.

NEW ITEM: Vintage painted blue cast iron bar stool.  I added new seat base, cushion and fabric.

NEW ITEM: Beige-pink-peach color vintage step stool chair. (the kind where the ‘steps’ fold up under the chair)

We had SO MUCH new stuff to make room for that I didn’t have enough room left to ‘open up’ my grubby little step-ladder!  It’s such a great display piece.  Small enough to easily set atop another piece of furniture.    It IS for sale.


NEW ITEM: Incredibly HUGE vintage rusty crusty bird-cage!  Wouldn’t this make an amazing chandelier?!?!

NEW ITEM: Vintage white chest of drawers.

Closer pic of the dresser.  Don’t you just love how BIG the old drawers are???

NEW ITEM: I’m calling this one ‘the throne’!   Big overstuffed (and super cushy!) seat.  Cute little vintage foot stool underneath. 

Close up of the foot stool.

Your throne awaits!

NEW ITEM:  Vintage little ‘vanity’ chair.    Once I got started with recovering hair seats, I couldn’t stop!  ALL recovered items have new cushion and fabric.  

NEW ITEM:  Darling little ‘tuffet’ foot stool.

NEW ITEM: Shabby chic cottage white end table.  Vintage shabby white twin size headboard and foot board behind the table.

NEW ITEM: The aqua blue chair from the previous before/after post.  Vintage white wicker hamper with new fabric top to the right.  Vintage twin bedspread on the chair.

Uncluttered picture of the chair; and the other set of corner shelves behind.

NEW ITEM:  Better pic of the hamper.  I gave it a GOOD new coat of white paint.

NEW ITEM:  vintage upholstered bench covered to match the hamper.

NEW ITEM: Vintage white and rusty trunk WITH inside storage tray.  This trunk has much more charm in person.  Makes a great coffee table!

New photos from our space at Stars coming tomorrow!


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  1. Great arrangement of the items 🙂 I like your photo’s, it’s very inspiring to manage my belongings at home.
    great post indeed. thank’s

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