Updates at Camas

 I haven’t quite been able to convince myself that the BIG forks and spoons are really back in style; but I did go for this big old key!

 Just sprayed it with some flat black sprat paint and hen sanded a tad.  Took it to our space in Camas.

Fun crown hooks.

Since we had JUST finished up with a major re-do of the space, this was just a ‘tweaking’.  I wanted to change out the walls this time.  SOOOOOOOOOOOOOo much stuff IN the booth, that the walls seemed overloaded with small stuff.

 And since I didn’t want to take the signs out of the space, for now they are in a big old basket.  

 Been squirreling away all these gold tone frames for a while; until I had enough to make a statement by handing them all together.  

The metal (yes it’s metal!) rose wreath is a new find.  Tempted to take it home and ‘rust it up a bit’.  We’ll see.  If it doesn’t sell by the next re-do, I just might take it home and do that!

 My grubby tea stained angels go nicely with all the gold.  

These rusty antique crib ends are waiting patiently to be adopted and planted in someones flower garden to create a true ‘flower bed’!

The wall pocket is a new addition.  The rest just rearranged.

 MORE gold frames!  What do you think of the gold/blue color combination on that sign?  In person it looks a bit more distressed.   It’s a handmade we found thrifting.  Should I use that color combo more?

 The BIG old rusty white bird-cage has been banished to the upper corner of the space.  sigh.  It was just taking up too much space on the floor.  But it IS still for sale!  

 Moved the newly covered  matching bench and hamper to be next to each other. 

 Found ONE old window while moving stuff around in the storage shed.


 Adorable little alligator case. . . .  

 to top the stack of other suitcases.  

 Little gold star frame.


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