Lucky break??

Upon returning from our daycation last week, and whilst I was taking pictures of our treasures, I dropped my digital camera.  Well, I didn’t actually drop.  I had set it on top of that white shelf in between pictures and the shelf just FELL OVER; tossing my camera, with the lens OPEN, to the ground.

Oh well, I thought.  It’s time for a new one anyhow.  I’ve had this one for well over ten years and it’s quite the dinosaur!  Big and heavy, but it works just fine.  A new battery costs $60.00 for this sucka!   And it would surely cost more to repair than to buy a new one.  So I had been preparing myself to part with it the next time it needed a new battery.  And it looked like that time was NOW.

The fall jammed the zoom lens and ‘told’ the camera that the lens cover was still on, even when I took it off.   I’m planning on buying a new one anyhow, so why not fidget with this one a bit and see if I can get it un-stuck???  So I tapped it on the counter a few times.   Nothing.   Then I really banged it on the counter and tried to FORCE the zoom back into place.  Nothing.  So I banged some more and lo and behold the zoom made that old familiar ‘whrrrrrrr’ and went back into place!

Took it out for a ‘test shoot’ and it works just fine again!  And I must admit that it felt  REALLY GOOD to pound out some frustration on a piece of electronic equipment!

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