DOH!!! I forgot again!!

To take a ‘before’ picture.  sheesh!  I just get so ‘into’ what I want to do to re-make things sometimes that I totally space out on taking the before photo.  And if it’s something that Michael dragged home, it doesn’t get batched in with the ‘this weeks thrifting finds’ photos.  SO, this is all I have to show to give you a glimpse of this dresser’s ‘before’ look:

All the drawers had been spray painted this bright GLOSSY blue that you can see on the underside of this drawer.  The ‘shell’ of the dresser was glossy black.  It took a lot of sanding to remove all that gloss!

Used the pal grey MS (Martha Stewart) paint, which I am NOT impressed with at all.  This is what took the place of Ralph Lauren at Home Depot in the paint department and is supposed to be just as good.  It’s NOT!  From now on I will drive however far I have to, to get Ralph Lauren paint!  It covers SO much better and is so much easier to work with.

Knobs.  UG!!  WHY are new knobs so dang expensive?!?!?!  I just can’t afford to spend an additional $30.00 on knobs!  And there are some really COOL looking knobs and pulls out there these days; and they really ‘make’ a piece.  I just painted the old knobs, and a little carved wood aplique, a darker shade of grey.  Will leave the addition of new knobs to whomever buys the piece.  These are ‘okay’.  OKay will have to do in this economy.  I just can’t afford to shell out the ca$h for knobs that have the WOW! factor.

And here it is, in our space at Camas Antiques.

I’m gradually going from white to grey in the color scheme; and eventually will work into some black and silver decor for the holidays.

This 5 drawer chest is $79.00 at Camas Antiques.


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