Little thrifted stool

Found this little cutie on a recent thrifting trip:

VERY banged up seat, so I gave it a good sanding with an orbital sander.  Then a couple of coats of my fav beachy blue paint.

Then it’s always the SAME dilemma, “to sand or not to sand”.  I usually opt TO sand.  Mostly because then I don’t have to worry about nicks and scratches when we haul it to its destination.

Sanded and ready for a cozy beach house!  Will be going to my space at Stars soon.

SANDING INFORMATION: I almost ALWAYS use an electric ORBITAL sander.  Hand sanding is just TOO difficult for me with my damaged spine.  If you are going to invest in an electric sander, an ORBITAL one is the way to go.  IF you are going to hand sand, buy SANDING SPONGES.  YOu’ll find them at any paint of hardware store.  Much easier to handle than a flimsy piece of sand paper. 

WHAT ABOUT GRIT?  No, not ‘grits’. . .  grit, as in how coarse/fine your sandpaper is.  We ALWAYS use a coarse grit.  On the orbital sander, on the belt sanders and on sanding sponges.  Fine sand paper will take you forEVER to accomplish very much.  Coarse does the best job for the purposes of prepping and distressing things like you see us do.

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  1. I totally love your blog!!! Just connected with it through My Repurposed Life! What fantastic ideas! I too have a blog where my partner and I turn furniture (salvaged, old, purchased, made from scratch) into functional pieces of art. Perhaps you could check it out sometime! I look forward to getting your updates and ideas-So glad I found you! Keep up the great work-M

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