Halloween fun!

Took a bunch of Halloween goodies to our space at Camas Antiques yesterday:

Yes, I DO have that black gauzy fabric for sale like you see hanging here.  They’re bundled up nice and tidy in that white ceramic rectangle vase.  This stuff would look AWESOME draped from the arms of a chandelier!

Pretty skelly Halloween Queen! Can you tell what her ‘crown’ is???

A spider in a web!

Black and grey gourds and black bottle brush tree.

White glittery Halloween Queen on a stick; and smaller one with pink scarf.  Can you see the cute spider in the back with his Halloween hat on?!?!?

Queen’s close up.  Doesn’t she have a pretty smile???

Black bottle brush tree with orange pom-poms, and smaller black glittery Halloween Queen.

CREEPY ‘lenticular’ pictures.  This is NOT a good picture of it because of the glare.  These are called ‘lenticular’.  They look like a normal vintage photo from one angle, then a creepy creature from a different angle.  (better pics to follow)

Pic of lenticular I took at home.

Upon second look!

This looks like a mild-mannered fellow.

His creepy alter-ego!

It’s really hard to photograph these things!  You have to be at the perfect angle.  You can see a little of the ‘alter’ photo shadows in my pictures of them.

These things really startle you when you first see them!

Sweet ole grandpa . . .


Glittery Halloween Queens.

Will be adding Halloween goods to Stars later this week.



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  1. You are such a source for ideas. Here are the pumpkins I made. http://mmbcreations.wordpress.com/2010/09/21/pumpkins-and-more/

    • THANKS! It’s always fun to see how our work inspires others!


  2. I wanted to tell you how much I really enjoy your blog! I check it regularly and have found a lot of inspiration here. You really do such a great job transforming trash into treasures!!! I am on the east coast, or you bet I’d be in to visit your cute little shops. Keep up the great work, and Happy Fall! 🙂 ~Maggie

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