Sorry I’ve been MIA!!!

I HAVE been blogging, just not on THIS blog! 

Since I take pictures of our spaces at the antique malls every week and post them in this blog, and use them for ads on craigslist; I thought “Why not take a few pictures of the malls other booths and do a few ads for each mall, in addition to the ads I do for our own spaces.  Well, that led to me thinking “I’ve got ALL these pictures and can only post 4 in each craigslist ad.  What can I do to put the rest of them to good use?” 

And that led to the decision to do a ‘photo blog’ for each of the malls!  How many blogs does one person need?!?!?  Seriously!  I have FIVE that I am trying to keep current on!  One old one that I no longer use, Shabby Paris Apartment, which was our space at Stars back when we still had our store. 

SO, whilst I’ve been absent from THIS blog, I’ve been working on the others.  Getting them set up took the longest.  Hereafter I’ll just update photos on the Stars and Camas blogs every couple of weeks.  I also do a blog for the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Forest Grove, since I can’t volunteer and help with the physical labor in the store, at least I can help with the blog, and putting ads on craigslist for them.  And The Dollar Diva blog; which I’ve been posting quite a few new Halloween ideas in this past week.

LINKS to all my additional blogs ARE in my blogroll list to the right.

AND I finally got my rear in GEAR and got some STUFF listed in my etsy shop!  Here’s a little peek at what’s been listed:



















And remember, the BOGO sale on my e-books runs until the end of this month!


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  1. FIVE?!?!? Holy smokes, I can barely keep one going! LOL Well, I love your stuff, so no matter how many you have, I’ll want to see them! ❤

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