Make-do crown display

I needed a mannequin head to display some full size paper crowns I was making on.  Found an old styro wig stand at an estate sale to use.

Applied a coat of sealer to the entire thing.  Then once that was dry, applied pieces of torn natural colored tissue paper with liquid starch. Let dry overnight and applied a second coat.

Twas a tad too plain and needed some WEIGHT at the bottom, so I rummaged through my stash of pillar holders and found this one.

Gave it a couple of coats of flat black paint, and glued the head on with some tacky glue.

Just right!

And the crowning touch!

Closer view of the crown.

Another crown.  This one with a little ‘bling’!

The Queen has spoken!

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  1. I love this!! You should wear that crown with pride!

    • love that comment! I agree…with head held high he, he.

  2. Lol, lol…oh bless your God given, creative, talented heart! I’ve been on this kick now for a few days after reading a daily devotional about our God Given Talents, well I opened up my blog this morning and sauntered over to your’s and found your very coool, very chick head bling crown mannequin and I laughed and thanked God on the spot for your God given creative talents! It looks like God is is using them to bless others like me and He is making those giftings make room for you in the market place.
    I love it!! Thank you for your heart to share, this too is a huge gift that not every person posesses. Bless you in your God given talents”)

    • Thank YOU Monica! ‘Sharing with and isnpiring others’ really IS the reason I started this blog. SO very nice to have that recognized. When God closes one door, He really DOES open another. When I lost the function of half of my spine, God blessed me with this creative talent. (well He actually ‘had it in the works’ ahead of time) I used to be ‘that person’ that everyone went to for help; then I became the person who NEEDED to be helped (after my 2 spine surgeries) And now, God has brought the process full circle and I am back to where I can help others again, just not with my physical strentgh.


  3. […] You can see how I made the tallest one in the center HERE. […]

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