The ones that got away!

A couple of recent pieces managed to ‘escape my new papering addiction’!

Sweet, petite half-table.  I just LOVE these things!

The top was pretty bad, but the legs are in great shape; and it IS solid oak!  Had to sand the top quite a bit to get out all the scratches.

Then a good 2 coats of my trusty flat black spray paint!  The reason I chose NOT to paper this table is the top is curved, notched and beveled.    would have been difficult to get the paper to perfectly match that outline.

Oak is probably my FAVORITE wood to ‘hand distress’, using a sanding sponge, as shown’.  I just wanted to lightly distress this piece, so it was easy with the sanding sponge.  For MOST of the pieces I distress, I use an orbital (electric) sander.  With my bad back I can only do the super easy stuff by hand.  ***SPECIAL HINT:  I ALWAYS use COARSE sand paper!  Yes, ALWAYS!!!***

And there she is, all finished.  I may end up going back and applying a quick coat of matte varnish to the top.  But, again, this one was whisked away to the storage garage the other night.

This was the second escapee of the day.  Another little 3 drawer chest.

It escaped being papered because I wanted to use THESE fun knobs.  And the knobs are too white to go with any of the papers.  ***SPEED PAINTING TIP: Use cheapo $.99 a can flat black spray paint as your base coat.  It’s dry almost instantly and ready for the top coat.  Then you just need one, VERY quick coat of paint. 

I found these awesome knobs at Michael’s craft store!

WHAT KIND OF PAINT DO YOU USE?  I get asked that a LOT.  I ONLY buy Ralph Lauren brand paint on my furniture pieces.  I’ve tried a few less expensive brands and paid DEARLY for that mistake.  It may cost a little more to BUY RL brand paint; but it’s LESS costly to USE!  You need fewer coats, get better coverage and it goes on like ‘soft butter on warm toast’.  That difference you pay to BUY it, will save you a lot of TIME and EFFORT down the line.


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  1. I’m a newbie at refinishing furniture so please excuse this stupid question. Where do you buy Ralph Lauren paint and is it a spray paint?

    • Karen,
      In my area (Pacific Northwest) Ralph Lauren brand paints are ONLY available at Miller Paint stores. (Home Depot USED to carry it, but no more). They have interior and exterior BRUSH on paints only. Some glazes and faux finishes, but NO spray paints. When I refer to spray paint, it’s the cheapo ‘no brand name’ $.99 a can stuff from Home Depot (or wherever!) Just be SURE you get FLAT!

      As a newbie to refinishing, I’d suggest you ‘cut your teeth’ on a couple of small items before tackling anything too big. Look at a thrift store or go to a garage sale and buy something CHEAP that you won’t care if you ‘mess up’. You really can’t mess up though. It’s ONLY paint. And it can always be painted over again! Good luch and have fun!

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