A few more PRIMITIVES.

Was working on a few primitive pieces for a friend’s shop ‘down south’ (south of HERE anyhow!) and decided it was high time I made some primitives for HERE too.  These will be going to Every Husband’s Nightmare bazaar.  (IF by dear friend, CL doesn’t snatch them up first, like she did the piece I showed yesterday!)

These are the benches that went south.  I have a couple more of the bigger benches (Michael builds those) built and ready to paint.   Just need a DRY day to paint them!  Which of the prim colors do you prefer?  The red, blue of mustard? 

These are “Michael’s Makin’s” also.

And were leftover from when we closed the store, a YEAR AGO!  (how time flies!)

They have been waiting, ever so patiently’ for inspiration to strike for me to paint them.

So while I had lots of dry weather last week, and had the black spray paint going; I went ahead and got a base coat of black on them.  Thought about trying the ‘book pages’ on them, but nahhhhhhhh.

So they sat out, just painted black for a couple of days.  Then when I broke out the mustard paint for those two littel round stools, I decided to go ahead and dry brush paint these with the mustard.



These ‘open/close’ shutters take a LONG time to paint!  First the front flipped up.  Then the front flipped DOWN.  Then the back flipped up; and the back flipped down.  THEN I had to flip the whole piece upside down and hit the spots that I’d missed!

Some of the ‘overspray’ got inside, so I had to go ahead nad paint the entire inside too!

In the end, I was happy with the results.

This solid door one was MUCH easier to paint!


I didn’t get a picture of the insides, but again because of the overspray, I had to paint the inside too.

I debated adding a knob to this one, but then the star stamp I had sitting there that I had used on the benches caught my eye, and seemed like the perfect primitive finishing touch.

And added stars to the shutter one too. 



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  1. Oh my!!! That shuttered cupboard is exactly what I need for our bathroom!!!!!!!!!!! Where did you get it again? :o)

  2. And do you know appoximately how big it is???

    • Jane,

      The shutter cupboard has already sold. Sorry. Michael made that one using some reclaimed shutters. It was approximately 20″ x 20″. IF you are in the local area, we can custom build something similar for you. Can’t guarantee we’ll have the perfect size shutters on hand, but if you give me some dimensions, we can check our stash and give you a price quote. If you’re a ‘do it yourselfer’ you can save some $$ by getting it unfinished and painting it yourself. You can email me folkartoriginals@yahoo.com


  3. […] tall skinny cabinet is a re-do of THIS primitive […]

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