Updated train case

Ain’t she sweet; all pretty and PINK!?!

Her ‘before’ state was rather bland and blue:

Amazing what a couple of quick coats of spray paint and a pretty bow will do!

No before pic of this one, but it was a slightly lighter shade of blue.  I actually painted this one first.  I’s been sitting around for WAY too long, so I decided to see how it would work to paint it.   Worked great so I moved on to the train cases.

Forgot the before pic on this one too!  You may have noticed it in the recently updated pics of our space at Stars:

And the big black suitcase has gone to Camas; along with the pink train case:

NOW I’m ‘on the hunt’ for more inexpensive train cases to paint up!  Had to run a few errands yesterday and stopped by Salvation Army Thrift Store in Hillsboro to see if they were STILL doing half price on Mondays.  Yep!  Found two more train cases! 

AND to my surprise the store has been reconfigured!  It was originally nearly 3/4 clothes; and very little ‘bric-a-brac’ (as they call it).  They’ve scaled down the clothing to about 1/3 and expanded bric-a-brac and furniture!   I just may have to stop in more often!  Much more of ‘my kind of stuff’ there now.

***A word of warning about SA though!  They CHANGE their ‘sales’ program VERY frequently!  So if you don’t see the big “HALF PRICE SALE’ banner in front on Monday when you go; ASK!  They ‘used to’ date all the tags and when items were over 2 weeks old, they became half price.  I had a whole cart full fo stuff one day, and found out they NO LONGER ‘did that’.  No signs or information posted anywhere!  harumph! 

They do still offer a senior discount (55 and over) on all regular prices.

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