Outdated grubby chair / updated to shabby chic!

’twas a sad little chair indeed when it first came our way:

The threadbare red velvet seat was absolutely FILTHY.  The entire set had to GO.  I removed it and set it aside for Michael to use as a template to cut a new wood base.

First of two coats of paint.

Perfect coverage with the second coat.  Let dry overnight, then sand and distress.

Test the wood base for the seat to be sure it fits right before covering it.

You don’t want your wood base to go all the way to the end; leave room for your fabric and cushion.

Close up of the distressing on the back.

I didn’t get photos of the cushion.  Those foam chair pads that you can buy are CRAZY expensive (even WITH a 40% off coupon!)  So, I improvised on this cushion and used a new pillow form!  (NEVER re-use old foam or pillows!  And ALWAYS leave the inspection tag on.)

All you need to cover the wood base is some padding, fabric and a heavy-duty staple gun! 

I made a coordinating little throw pillow with left over fabric.  Michael thinks the seat cushion looks TOO fluffy.  I think it looks nice and comfy!  Whaddya think???

This cutie pie will be going to the fall show.


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  1. I love it! The squishy cushion is perfect. I love the fluffy seat.

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