Our booth at Camas Antiques; updated

Dragged Michael away from his work at Habitat ReStore (he took vacation all week to help them move to their new location) for the day and had him follow me up to Camas with the truck and trailer to bring in a couple of new, BIG pieces; and to change out some of the more ‘summery stuff’.

I’ll still have to go back on Monday and pull the leftover Halloween (which is now HALF PRICE!), and ‘tweak’ things a bit.  I always think of better ways to display things just as I’m falling asleep at night!


Moved this rusty planter to the entry of our space where it’s more ‘noticeable’.  It seemed to ‘get lost’ when placed farther back in the booth.  Hope to empty out all that small stuff in the top part on Monday.  Looks a little too cluttered right now.  May bring in some old watering cans to put there.









We brought in the grey shelf on the left.  It USED to be the pink/brown shelf shown on the right!  Sure hope it sells in its NEW color.  It was a LOT of work repainting this baby!


It’s priced $239.00.

Brought in the black spindle legged table with music pages top, along with several of the other ‘papered’ pieces.  This table is $49.00.

The sheet music covered container underneath the table is $18.00.  Lid comes off for storage.  It’s a nice ‘foot stool’ size; just toss a pillow on top!


Black ginger jar lamp with sheet music shade; $29.00.

Stationary sets and framed sayings make great gifts.











Lots of vintage milk glass.

A couple more of the new pieces.

Nightstand with one drawer; papered shelves and top; $49.00.


Little black 3 drawer chest; $42.00.


Yikes!  I kinda buried the desk!  I ended up moving the stationary stuff that is in the drawer, and it looks much better.  Just forgot to take another picture!  Desk price is $99.00.

Black end table with book pages on top.  $$39.00.

Solid oak ‘half table’  I’m sure there is a ‘real name’ for this type of piece.  Anybody know what it is???   Price is $39.00.

Ginormous vintage birdcage.  $99.00.








Vintage pocket Bibles and prayer books.

Vintage crystal cake plate and cover.  $39.95.


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  1. Oh I love it all! You have a real talent for making things pretty.

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