Pictures from the show

These are ONLY pictures on MY area of the show.  By the time I had set all that up I was too pooped to take pics of the entire rest of the show.  Will try to get those pics later this week.  For now, here’s what we brought and how we set it up:












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  1. Your displays are beautiful! I hope you did good at the show.

  2. It’s all so lovely. I would have LOVED to go!

  3. WOW!! FANTASTIC!! BEAUTIFUL!!! How big was your space? It looks huge! I can see why you were tired! I just took down my Halloween windows and put up my Christmas! 3 days later, finally done! It’s hard work setting up but even worse taking down and packing up. At least at a show there is a smaller amount at the end! 🙂 Good Luck!!!! Diane

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