Last minute savings alert!

Well practically ALL retail stores are still having big sales right now.  Gotta get those shopping dollars whilst we’re all in the holiday spending spirit!  This time of year I usually avoid retail stores like the plague; because nothing dampens my holiday spirit more than a bunch of pushy shoppers and cranky retail clerks!

BUT, Michael’s craft stores is having one of their “20% off everything sales” ALL WEEK (through Christmas Eve!), so I just MAY have to attempt to venture out!  (plus I have a paper punch that I need to exchange and I sure don;’t want to wait in any AFTER Christmas exchange lines!!!)  I get their coupons and sale notices via email, but I think they are also on their Facebook page. 

Anyhoooooooo for the CRAFTER, this is an especially GOLDEN savings opportunity to stock up on supplies for NEXT YEARS Christmas crafts.  For me, at least, I know I have to START on my Christmas craft projects in the SUMMER in order to get it all done by early November; which is when the antique malls typically have their ‘Holiday Open House’ sales.

Not many Christmas craft supplies available in retail stores in July, so I stock up NOW!  PLUS, I always seem to come across some really cute Christmas craft ideas ‘at the last minute’; too late for me to make to sell THIS year, and if I wait til next year, I’ll forget about them!  So I try to make at least ONE right away, stash it in my Christmas craft supply box so it’s there to remind me when I pull it back out to start production in the summer.

This is also a great time to stock up on pretty ribbon for wrapping those last minute packages.

OOPS!  I couldn’t quite copy and insert their entire ad, but you get the gist!


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