Maybe next year . . .

I always seem to stumble across Christmas craft ideas that I just LOVE, right after Christmas.  Then forget about them by next Christmas.  To avoid that. I’ve decided to post this beautiful idea NOW.  And really, it could be used for ‘everyday’.

DRAT!!!  The picture won’t let me upload it.  You’ll have to go to the site to see it.  Trust me!  It’s well worth the little side trip.  Click here to go to the Patina White Blog.

Cone trees seem to have been SO popular this year.  I really think these were my favorites of ALL that I saw.  Wouldn’t they make beautiful centerpieces for a wedding.  You could even  glitter the edges of some of the filters before attaching them.

Maybe the reason I was so drawn to the tea stained coffee filter trees is because of this booth I saw at Camas Antiques the other day.  Doesn’t it look like the picture has been edited to ‘sepia tone’???  It hasn’t.  The stuff is REALLY all that color!  I just stood there and sighed.  Absolutely breathtaking!  They will also be at the Junk Salvation show!

I even love their booth sign, which WAS printed in sepia tone.  I wish I was disciplined enough to do all one color scheme like this.  This booth is half the size of mine.  A whole 10×10 space would be a lot harder to do monochromatic.

And while I truly adore LOOKING at monochromatic settings like this, and in magazines; I’m not sure I could LIVE in a room that was all one color.   I tend to ‘focus’ on certain colors in my booths, but tend to ‘add in’ little bits of lots of different colors; hoping to appeal to a broader buying audience.

What do YOU think?  Do you tend to SHOP more from antique booths that are so VISUALLY attractive, like this?  Or do you just ‘look at them’ and say “I could never do that!”  Or do you love it so much that you have to buy several matching items from the space to create a little vignette  in your home, reminiscent of the space? 

Sometimes I feel like I am just TOO scattered!   It’s hard for me to only have one small space to work with.  When we had our store, I could do 8 or 9 different little vignettes throughout the store.  But I worry that if I go with ONE color in our mall spaces that I’m limiting the number of customers I will appeal to.

Your input is greatly appreciated!

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  1. I started a bookmarks folder labeled Christmas 2011 for this year and am adding links constantly! Not only for decorating ideas but also for handmade gifts!

  2. When I got shopping I tend to be attracted to booths more like yours, where there are more color options. The neutral and monochromatic look is very pretty indeed, but if this color doesn’t match my house or what I am looking for, I probably won’t go in the booth at all! I say keep up what you are doing, as it appeals to a larger audience with different color schemes and tastes!

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