STILL dragging

Kinda . . .sorta . . .starting to feel a TINY bit better, day by day. 

Needing slightly less cough medicine every day.  Managing to sleep an hour longer each night before waking up with a coughing fit.  But still NO ENERGY! 

This is really almost as bad as my bout with pneumonia a couple of years ago.

STILL don’t have my own computer glitches figured out.  Just may end up having to ‘take it in’ for repairs.  Still can’t download pics from teh show; and honestly that feels like last years news already.

Just ‘muddling along’ . . . sigh

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  1. I am sorry to hear that you are sick, but thankful you are slowly getting better. I had bronchitis 4 months in a row then pneumonia after that, I would start getting better then get it again. The only thing that helped my cough was cough medicine with codeine anything else was useless.

    But I did read recently that putting ( I KNOW THIS SOUNDS STRANGE. LOL) Vick’s vapor rub on the bottom of your feet with socks on helped considerable with coughs. Thankfully I have not been sick to try it, but I will if I ever need it. Anything to stop that coughing.

    I wish you a speedy recovery and I really enjoy your blog.

    • Thanks Shirley! At this point I’ll try anything! The Vicks on the feet actually DOES make sense to me; as I know naturopathic medicine is often delivered that way. Will try it tonight. I can’t take codiene due to interaction with other meds I already take, so I just pretty much have to suffer.

      Once well from this, I will definitely be visiting my doctor to update my pneumonia vaccine! NEVER want to get that sicj again! And with my existing asthma, I am definitely prone!

      Stay well!

  2. Just rest and don’t worry about getting back to work so soon. That’s the good thing about being self-employed!

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