Junk Salvation show report; Part II ~ other vendors booths

Again, I had really HOPED to take more and better pictures, AND jot down vendors names to go with their pictures.   Alas, I was doing well JUST to make the rounds and snap up a few quick photos while politely asking permission to do so for my blog, in the midst of my cough medicine induced haze! 

Keep in mind that this was OUR first ‘booth show’, and the majority of other vendors have done booth shows for years, and really designed and built up some fantastically unique displays.  My head was spinning seeing all the ideas, and I secretly hoped that people weren’t giggling at the basic simplicity of our own booth display.  It was an HONOR to be able to present our wares with such a high caliber of assorted vendors.

On to the pics!








See what I mean about some of the FANCY booth set ups?!?!















Soooooo?????  What did you think?  Was it what you had invisioned?  What was your ‘favorite thing’ that you saw.   


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  1. Wow! I feel like I just went shopping…the only bad part was to not be able to get a closer look. But thank you…. I didn’t spend any $$$
    Great photos! My favorite? the little camping trailers…. how cute!

  2. I am just a recent subscriber to your blog. Was this show a shabby chic show?
    I thought everything looked nice that you showed this round, but I also thought your display that you showed earlier was just as pretty. You did a spectacular job and had some neat things for a first show there:)

  3. These were very nice displays…some very very fancy!
    But I have always loved your displays. Yours are just as nice as theirs…and some of them you have beat. Yours are elegant and not too much clutter like some of those shown.

  4. It looks like I would have spent tons of money at that show. My gosh what lovely stuff. I really enjoyed looking at your booth. You did a great job displaying considering you were under the weather. I’m sure it was worth all your time.

  5. You’re display was every bit as good as the rest and better than some! You are “Queen Bee” of display! I think you know how to put just the right amount without looking too cluttered. I have to admit..I did love those little vintage campers. How cute!!! Hope it turned out to be a great show for you. And I hope you are feeling better. Keep amazing us with your finds and re-makes! Love It!!!!

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