Pathetic little thrift store chest

Had been very BADLY repainted, and was missing one knob.

 The underside had been PEACH, and the drawers had different designs on them under the black.

Since I couldn’t find an exactly matching knob, I’d have to replace all of them.  Just ‘tapped’ them off with a hammer.  Then sanded down the fronts of the drawers so the design undercoat wouldn’t show through.

Painted the whole thing black.  Glued on (using e6000) some little wood blocks for handle bases, and then went rummaging for a way to ‘pretty up the knobs’.  This was a hard one because it’s a very SMALL piece.

Ah ~HA!!!!!  Look what I found!  Perfect little fleur-de-lis cut outs to glue atop the the wood block knobs!

Paint up the knobs, sand the edges a little and VOILA!

Perfect little accompaniment with the other little black shelves and such currently in my space at Stars.




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