More outdated ~ updated to shabby chic white

Remember when these carved wood roosters were everywhere?!?  I just HAD to try and see if I could shabby it up!

Painted it all white first.

And my beloved Ralph Lauren tobacco glaze.


Gold cherubs with heart shaped mirrors.

Removed mirrors and spray painted primer white.


Painted with cream color acrylic paint.

comparison with/without Ralph Lauren tobacco glaze.  To finish them I papered the hearts with sheet music.  And apparently I never took a picture of them completely finished!  DOH!  Well, NOW if I can only FIND where I packed them away and remember to TAKE a picture AND remember to ADD the picture to this post . . . . yea right!!

I think this baby is brass!  It’s really heavy.  And a bit ‘gaudy’ in its original state.

 But look how pretty all the detail is after being painted white and then glazed with Ralph Lauren tobacco glaze?!?

MORE gold and gaudy!  And very chipped up old chalkware statues.

Prettied up and ready to sell in our space at Camas Antiques.

Kind of a greyish gold paint on this one!

Painted white.


Forgot the before picture on this one.  It was GOLD.






Well, I think you get the idea!

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  1. Love the afters! There is nothing your combo of white and RL glaze cannot beautify 😀

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Did you happen to buy that brass lamp base at en estate sale in the Irvington neighborhood about 7 years ago?

    • No. I don’t every get over to the Irvington area.


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