Daffodils and downpours

Mercy we are having some crazy wet weather!  Spring is trying to inch its way in, and the daffodils are springing up along the roadside.  Not very good painting weather though!  We did have a partial dry day a while back and I dashed outside and started working on this chest that I picked up at a rummage sale a couple of weeks ago.

 It does have all the drawer pulls, they just aren’t attached; AND I don’t want to re-use them once I get it repainted.  From what I can tell, that center drawer was a PREVIOUS color; the white painted on top of it.  Don’t ask me why they didn’t paint that last drawer.  Perhaps they realized how UGLY the fake antiquing glaze was?!?!

You can see the color better in this picture.  All of it sanded off pretty easily using the orbital sander and a coarse sanding disc.

 The top was pretty scratched up.

Looks like it had originally been stained pretty dark.  I decided to sand down to the wood in some spots so that I’ll get some of that nice dark wood showing through when I distress it.

And the drawer fronts all ready to paint.  I REALLY want to try some stripes on a dresser ‘one of these days’!  This chest would have been a perfect striping candidate with the top already having three sections.  Alas, right now I’ve got to ‘work fast’ in what few dry days we get before the spring show.  Maybe I’ll have time to do some ‘fancy’ painting in the summer.

I managed to get it completely painted before the rain started again.  Next dry day I’ll be able to distress it.  Do I even NEED to tell you what color I painted it?!?!





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  1. Cannot wait to see it finished!

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