Springy bird and nest cloche


Take one brass pillar candle holder base to repurpose as the base for your cloche.  I chose to paint my brown.

Add a thrift tore glass cloche that fits your base; glue (using e6000 adhesive) a little ceramic bird from the craft store onto your cloche as a handle. 

This bird was purchased in this chocolate brown color; which is why I painted the base brown.  I just wanted to try one that wasn’t shabby white, since that is the style I usually do.  Nice to offer something different every once in a while.

Perfect fit!  with just enough room to add a little nest and egg under the cloche.

Finished and ready to sell!  I hand form  my nests out of Spanish moss.  (and I usually GLUE the eggs into place.  Sticky fingers seem to be VERY attracted to little eggs!)

After looking at it for a while, I decided it needed a bow at the top.

 This cloche went to our space in Camas Antiques.


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  1. I love the brown…very nice. It turned out great!

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