Rummage sale rant

Had two good rummage sales to hit this week.  Been to both previously, so I came prepared.  A LOT of them these days use the ‘two part tag’ system where you pull the bottom half of the tag on the items you want, go pay for them, then they have helpers compile your purchases and load them onto a cart and go to your car.

Even though the tag system is pretty simple to understand, there are always a few people who ‘just don’t get it’ and if an item is still sitting there, they think it’s up for grabs.  Having had that happen to my before, I took some blank address labels and a big fat red marker and wrote “SOLD AJ”, and put those on the remaining part of the tags.  AND stacked my items together (the ones I could move on my own at least.

So this little stool, CLEARLY marked as sold, sitting atop a small dropleaf table, also marked and a little half round table were all stacked at the front of the garage that housed some of the furniture.

Then I heard a lady yelling, “Who took my lamps?!?!”  And she was looking at everyone in line to see who had her lamps, which SHE had the other haff of the tag to.  So that made me a little nervous, so while I was in line to pay, I kept an eye on my stash.  Had to go over at least five times and tell people those items wer sold.  And STILL someone managed to make off with that little foot stool!!  The nerve of some people!!!

So when I got to the cashier to pay, I gave her the tag of the missing stool; told her I’d looked around to see if I could find who grabbed it and had not seen it anywhere.  She had me write my name and phone number on the tag in case it turned up. 


I had to make a second trip to pick up a big shelf, and when I returned to load the shelf, they HAD found my little stool.  I guess the next time I go to this rummage sale I’ll make BIGGER sold tags to put on my stuff! 

NOW I just need some dry weather so I can paint all this stuff!!!

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  1. Wow wish here in my neck of the woods I could find wonderful treasures like that!!!! I have been warned I bring one more thing in and hes leaving!! LOL Hes still here

  2. I bought and PAID for a little table at an estate sale here once. Took the price off, put on a big sold with my name, and when I came out of the house, a man was walking down the driveway with it. He was STEALING it and knew it. Believe me, he got a piece of my ghetto mind.

  3. Maybe people are a little annoyed at the dealers rushing around slapping “sold” tags on things they haven’t paid for….hmmmmm.

    • Hmmmm . . . I can ‘somewhat’ see your point, BUT, that is how ‘their system’ is set up to work. You (the shopper) pull the bottom half of the tag of items you want to buy; do ALL your shopping; then go through the (VERY LONG!) check out line to pay for them all at once. There are THREE big garages full of stuff at this sale; and it’s not set up to ‘pay as you go’. There is NO WAY I could have possibly ‘carried all those pieces with me’ as I finished my shopping. I just added my own little ‘sold’ sticker to the items I intended to purchase in hopes of AVOIDING any confusion.

      I could understand others being annoyed if I was putting SOLD stickers on stuff and then NOT buying them; but that is not the case, I WAS buying each and every item I put a sold tag on. Redundant as it seemed, a lot of the shoppers there did NOT understand that when the bottom half of a price tag has been removed, that means it is SOLD.


  4. Boy I wish our garage sales in Australia sold great stuff like what you pictured.

    I really do like the tag system. Lesson I guess is to take a ‘guard’ with you!


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