Paper covered paper mache boxes

“Back when” I was doing primitive style folk art stuff (seems like FORever ago!)  I did a LOT of grubby paper mache boxes.  We managed to clearance most of them when we closed our brick and mortar store.  Still, I find some stashed away every so often’ and need to update them to sell with the cottage style stuff we are now focusing on.

Such was the case with these two hexagon boxes.  Originally part of a set of six (individually priced) that had been painted black and mustard, (mustard paint was SOOOOO popular back then!!!) and HEAVILY distressed.  (sorry, but no before photo)  I actually distress my mache boxes by running them over my 4″ belt sander, with a COARSE sanding belt in it.  It really ‘chews up the surface good!”  But they looked fine after being painted over.

I did the bottom box first; cutting my paper to exactly fit the side of the box.  Hard to get it glued on perfectly and not have some hanging over the edges though.  So I decided to trim the paper for the smaller box.  Which do you like best?

That awesome toille cardstock and coordinating black and white designs that I used on these boxes came in a multi pack from Michael’s craft store.


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  1. I love these. I have black/white toile in my bedroom. I never get tired of it. I think it is timeless. You might consider gluing ricrack or gimp or some such trim over the edges. Even a contrasting color would be nice. Red, lime green, yellow–just a thought.

  2. They turned out beautiful love the designs you chose

  3. I loved them both…they are beautiful, but I really liked what the trim did for the smaller box…it added so much. You could use all different kind of trim in black.

  4. Paper Mache Flipflop Box…

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