Newly stocked at Camas antiques

I tried the ‘leaner cleaner’ look for a while in our Camas space and didn’t really see any difference in sales.

So I took a big batch of new stuff in and ‘crammed it full’ (as is my ‘usual’ display style).

 Staying with mostly white on furniture, but adding in some Aqua accessories for a little ‘oomph’.

Moved the ‘BIG shelf’ back to the front left side of our space; AFTER having tried it on the inside left wall, center back wall and right side wall, with no noticeable difference.  For ME, and the flexibility of display options in the space, and ROOM for product, the ‘front of the space’ placing works best.







Sneaking in a little more ‘pop of color’ with aqua accessories.  SO pretty against all the white!


Got several different sea glass wreaths made over the last week.   A few will be going to Stars too.

Same frame.  Two different looks.  One painted cream color and glazed with Ralph Lauren ‘tobacco’ glaze.  The other, just painted white.


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  1. Sometimes yot u just have to cut your losses. I went through 4 malls before I got out all together. They were all four totally different clientle. It was more an outlet for my shopping addiction and display love than anything. My stamina just couldnt take the fun anymore. Hope all works out well for you–your things are really cute and creative.

  2. That is too bad. You have a really cool-looking display and lots of neat stuff. Maybe you should get a second space at Stars.

    • I don’t know that I want a SECOND space, but a BIGGER space is definitely something I am considering. Just waiting for one ot open up.

  3. Well Girlie, it wasn’t for lack of enthusiasm or talent! You know I love your style and I will be VERY sad to see you go.
    I am soooooo looking forward to doing the front window with you next week though!!!!

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