BEST DEAL EVER!!! Ginormous vintage window pane shelf; was originally priced $799.99. NOW reduced to $329.00 for quick sale!!!

It’s BIG.  Six feet tall and over five feet wide with 16 ‘cubbys’ (or the ILLUSION thereof actually!) and LOTS of room to show off your favorite collectibles.

In fact it’s SO big, that within the confines of my 10×10 booth, it’s impossible to get the WHOLE thing in a picture.  I’m going to have to dig into my photo archives to get a picture that you can see the WHOLE thing.

You can ‘kinda’ see the whole thing in this photo; when I had the shelf positioned in the very back, center of the booth.  I tend to get a little carried away with ‘all that space’, and pile WAY too much stuff on it!

Here’s a photo of it empty from back when we first brought it into our shop.

And this photo gives you a bit better idea of the SIZE of the shelf, in contrast to the 4′ wire mannequin on a hatbox on a chair beside it.

Close up of the book pages backing; nice and neutral to fit in with ANY color scheme or design concept.

The cubbies are even big enough to safely hold lamps with low-wattage bulbs in them!   This was the MOST functional display piece EVER, when we had our own shop.  Perfect for using as a ‘divider’ to create separate vignettes, and we could even hang stuff on the back.    The back of this one is unfinished, but could easily be painted, or wall papered to match your decor needs.  Would be ideal to divide up a ‘multi function space’ like a family room/office.

AND I found MORE of those great shabby white wire baskets!!!  How perfectly do the fit this shelf?!?!


At this price it won’t last long!!!  Come and get it whilst the gettin’s GOOD!


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  1. Oh oh oh!! I wish I lived closer!! What a GREAT deal!!

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