Vintage shabby chic ‘book bundles’ now in my etsy shop:

These vintage book bundles have been selling like hotcakes in our mall spaces. 

 FINALLY got enough stocked that I could list some in my etsy shop

Have you seen the book bundles that Pottery Barn sell for TWICE that much?

The Pottery Barn ones shown above are pretty small (like all regular paper back size) AND the pages are glued together?!?!?  $39.00 per bundle.   Can’t imagine WHY they felt the need to glue the pages together.  Maybe THAT’S why they cost so much more?!?! 

Mine are priced at $19.00 per bundle, and some have some really interesting spines.  Nice variety of sizes; usually try to have 3 graduated sizes, but occasionally bundle 3 of the same size together.

Some have very nicely aged and yellowed edges.  I tie the bundles together with a strip of grubby muslin.

Low cost shipping is a real bonus!  Books can be sent via MEDIA MAIL through the USPS at considerably lower prices than the typical package rate.  These four bundles I just listed each weigh between 4  and 5-1/2 pounds, and shipping runs $4.50 – $5.25.

The above and below pictures are all ones that I have posted previously; but I wanted to show them again in the context of giving you display ideas for the book bundles. 

Occasionally I find books with such nicely matching covers, that I just have to leave them on!















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  1. Oh how I wish I could just see your booth in person just love when you post pics!!!

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