Gaudy gold frames; from cheap to CHIC

Assorted dollar store frames with pretty detail, but cheap-o looking  metallic paint.

 Pretty details, but much to cheap and gaudy looking paint.

Just add some pretty aqua spray paint for instant CHIC!

They look nice left blank and grouped on a wall.

Or maybe clustered together on a little shelf.

Or add a pretty sheer ribbon hanger to one and hang it on a door instead of a wreath.

 I like using them like this, propped against the back of a shelf, to add a little POP of color.  (in my space at Stars)


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  1. Wow!! The frames look great 🙂

  2. I absolutely love the color of the aqua frames. Can you share the name of the spray paint you used on them? I particularly like the color the frame sitting in front of the others. Thanks!

    • Sorry, that was a while ago and I do not know what the names of the colors were. Chances are they have changes since then anyhow. Color choices on spray paints is VERY limited. I usually just use what I can find that works with my color scheme.

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