Vintage maple gate leg table; from Colonial to Cottage style

Such a darling little gate leg table, but VERY Colonial style.

And, as is the case quite often with vintage tables, the legs are in pretty good shape, but the top is quite damaged.  And when you are re-doing furniture to hopefully sell at a profit, ‘time is money’ so you don’t want to spend DAYS fixing up on small item.  Sanding off an old finish and repainting a table top is a pretty quick and easy job.  The LEGS, if they need refinishing are the budget buster, taking a LOT of time.  Hence, when shopping for project tables, look for GOOD LEGS.  Just about ANY top can be a quick fix.

On this table, when I sanded off the finish on the top, the stain came off too, and the wood was very pale.  Applied two coats of white paint, then sanded to distress.  Usually that is ALL I need to do.  but this time the top was just too pale to coordinate with the dark maple finish on the legs.  So I applied a quick coat (brushed on and IMMEDIATELY wiped off!) of maple stain to the painted white and sanded top.

And while I had the stain out anyhow, I touched up a few tiny knicks and scratches on the legs.

A couple of coats of matte varnish to the table top and this Colonial to Cottage transformation is complete!

 It blends perfectly with the other cottage white decor I’m currently featuring in my space at Stars.

Priced at $58.00.

And just to the right of it is the end table I posted about a short while ago; the one Michael dragged home.

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  1. I had almost that same gateleg table. It was painted white and was very chippy when I got it. I loved it and used it for a long time. You could also display it as a table for a child, if you have any kid’s chairs.

  2. well, duh, I looked at the picture, and there are two chairs sitting right there by it.

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