Filthy old hat box / carrier

Found this GRUBBY old hat box a few weeks ago at Salvation Army, on half price day.  Honestly, if it hadn’t been half price, I’d have passed on it; it was THAT FILTHY!  But the inside was surprisingly clean.

It was in pretty good shape, other than all the grime.  Seriously, it looked like it had been stored in a car mechanics workshop!  I spent a good two hours trying to get it clean.  sprayed it with 409 and scrubbed.  Sprayed again and let sit, then scrubbed again.  Got out my handy-dandy bleach pen and ran it along all the stitching and let it soak for a while and got out an old tooth brush to scrub some more!  Managed to remove several layers of gunk, but it was still fairly grubby.  Time to bring out the SPRAY PAINT!

After several coats of spray paint, it was ready to go to my space at Stars.  Next time??????  From how much work it took for me to clean this baby up, I’d probably PASS on one that grubby in the future.  If I spent that much time on ALL of our purchased product, we’d never make any money!

But it really does look GREAT with all the other white stuff I currently have in our space at Stars.


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  1. T/T I use AWESOME cleaner. It is the best, and you can get it at Dollar Tree, and other discount stores. It is cheap and REALLY good. Give it a try. It is also unbelievable at cleaning carpets, and getting spots out of clothes.

  2. Thanks for the tip! I’ll be sure to grab some and give it a try!


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