Recent finds ~ sofa back table re-do

This is such a great SHAPED twill suitcase.  LOVE it!  There was a matching one that I really wanted, but the lock was broken and try as I may, I could NOT get it to open, so I had to pass on it.  Will probably leave this one ‘as is’ and work on getting some smaller black and gray ones to create a whole stack.

The sofa back table was pretty quick to spruce up.  Sanded the top real good (to take off all the SHINE!) and painted it a flat black base-court.  spray painted the legs with flat black.

Then hand painted the whole thing my signature color of beachy blue.  Sanded to distress a bit; then used a decorative sponge stamp for the design.

A wee bit more sanding to mute the center design a bit; then two good coats of a water based matte varnish.

It’s currently stashed away with the other beachy blue stuff; until the next big booth re-do.

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  1. Your table turned out beautiful and love the suitcase

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