THRIFT CITY: New thrift store review

Sorry, no photos, just the facts.  A new thrift store, called THRIFT CITY, just opened in Cornelius.  It occupies the old Grande Foods space (formerly Hank’s grocery store)  

1619 N. Adair St.  Cornelius, OR  97113  *  503.747.2231

For their Gran Opening, which continues tomorrow, EVERYTHING is half off.  I didn’t get in until the second day, and the parking lot was PACKED when I drove by yesterday.  Still, I found a fair amount of treasures and will definitely go back.    Here’s their specials list:

MONDAY- Manager special (whatever that means!)

TUESDAY- 30%  for seniors (55+)

WEDNESDAY – 30% off all day

THURSDAY – 50% off 9am – 1pm; 30% off 1pm – 9pm

FRIDAY – 50-70% savings on colored tags

SATURDAY – 30% off all day

SUNDAY – 3 colored tags on sale

Regular prices WERE a tad higher than I usually prefer, but when I saw their ‘specials flyer’ I could see why!  You’ll almost NEVER have to pay the full price.  My only ‘complaint’ was that shopping carts were sparse and hard to hunt down.  (and I ALWAYS need a cart!)  It’s definitely worth at trip to check it out.  And the Habitat ReStore is just up the road a ways in Forest Grove; then the Forest Grove Goodwill and little further! 


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