Disturbing (to ME, at least!) new trend in blog design.

Have you seen any of them yet?  The newly designed blogs that have posts set up so that you only see a ‘snippet of  an introduction paragraph and one little thumbnail photo’  for each post; and you have to‘click to read more’.  WTH is up with that?!?!?  WHO and more importantly WHY, would someone think this is a GOOD idea???  I am sincerely DISTURBED!

I love reading other blogs!  Have a loooooooooooooong list of favorites that I visit on a regular basis.  And for me, that regular basis boils down to ‘catching up’ on each of my favorite blogs about 2-3 times a month.  And when I go there to catch up, I want to click and read, scroll down and read some more until I come to the post I last left off at.   DONE!  Caught up and on to the next blog.

This new (and NOT so improved IMHO!) blog design makes ‘my way’ of blog reading IMPOSSIBLE.  You have to read a snippet, then click to read the whole post, then click back to go back to the main page to  read the next snippet, then click yet again to read the entire  post . . . ARGH!!!  It’s just plain ANNOYING!!!  OR maybe I am just LAZY!?!  The ‘old way’ worked just fine for me.  And for the life of me, I cannot see ANY advantage to this ‘new layout’, can you?

And as I’m sure a lot of other blog readers do, I look at the PICTURES more than I read the actual content.  And IF the pictures grab my interest enough, or it’s something I’ve NEVER seen before, THEN I’ll take the time to READ all about it. 

And to be perfectly honest, I’ve STOPPED reading the blogs that are set up like this.  They just waste TOO MUCH of my valuable time. 

Here’s the only example that I saved to show you what I am talking about (if you don’t already know)  What do YOU think of this new design?  Are you one who reads your favorite blogs EVERY day?  Or, like me, do you just catch up on them a couple of times a month?  The ONLY possible advantage I can think of to this blog design is that IF you subscribe, that it shows you the entire post, without having to ‘click to read more’.  IN which case I suppose that would be an incentive for readers to sign up to be a follower.  But I don’t want 50 additional emails a day telling me there’s a new post in one of my favorite blogs.  I want to read when I have time. When I need a break and want to relax.   When I need some encouragement or inspiration.  And I don’t want to spend half my time CLICKING forward and then back again!

What do YOU think of this new style of blog design?  And IF there really IS some ‘advantage’ to having it set up like this, DO TELL!   Because it’s NOT a good thing if you ask me.  (which no one did!)  But in all fairness, I truly WOULD like to understand WHY these certain bloggers believe that using this kind of blog design is a POSITIVE step, or improvement.   Because for me,  I see NO GOOD in it.  It’s just NOT ‘reader friendly’.

Stepping off my soapbox now . . .


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  1. I would suggest sending this comment to the blogs that are set up this way. The people who have the blogs probably have no clue how annoying their new “way” is to those reading.

  2. I agree! It is extremely frustrating AND time consuming! When I try to read most of these blogs on a rerader on my phone I just get a summary of the post! I always end up unsubscribing right away.

  3. I totally agree!! I have come upon a lot of them lately, and basically, I just don’t read more. I leave as soon as I see the new format.

  4. I can honestly see what you mean!! I, too, do not like having to click back and forth, and I tend to get click happy and just close a window, thusly having to start all over again. So, this would not work well for me as well.
    I wonder if it was a choice of the blogger to set the blog up this way, or if the hosting site mandated it? Would be interesting to say the least, and I would suspect that if the hosting site chose this style, the other sites might not be far behind. Sigh…
    Hoping wordpress does not feel the need to *step to the beat* of this style.

    • I sure HOPE it’s not something that has been MANDATED by certain blog hosts! Scarey to think that it could become THE trend and other blog sites would follow suit. My FIRST encounter with this style was quite a while ago at one of my very FAV Blogs, Better After; and they switched to the new way TEMPORARILY, and ASKED readers for their opinions. They got a resounding NO, to the new look. Were back to the ‘old style’ the very next day! So, because of that I’m thinking it’s an optional thing. I’m still curious WHY they switched though!?!

  5. I am SO on board with you on this subject!! I absolutely despise this new “trend.” I too no longer follow most blogs that have adopted this kind of style. Tracy made an interesting point that it might be that the hosting site is mandating the change, not the blogger herself/himself. Whatever the cause, I don’t like it AT ALL!!

  6. I agree! Reading that style of blog isn’t as fun or as easy. I no longer keep up with the blogs laid out in that fashion. I really liked those blogs so I miss them.

  7. If you are worried about getting a load of emails from the blogs, set up a “blog” email account. I do this for my coupons. I don’t want to junk up my personal email so everytime I sign up for a coupon I use my coupon email address with the same password for everything of course (one uppercase, one lowercase and a number). Just an idea.

  8. I didn’t realize this was a new trend. But all of the blogs I have been avoiding have gone to this new format. Funny I never noticed.

  9. I noticed this new format too and don’t like it. When I see a blog I’m visiting is set up that way I don’t bother looking any farther and leave.

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