Recent rummage sale finds

One good sized enamel kitchen table.

A few chipped and rusty spots  here and there. . .

Just enough to add some shabby chic charm and make it look well loved.  I seldom buy things that I don’t have to fix up, so this was an especially GREAT find!

From the same sale, a simple little wood table.

Already painted and sanded AND delivered to our space at Stars!

Shabby bar stool with nice turned legs.  Don’t see turned legs on bar stools much anymore; or the nicely indented seats for extra comfort!

Also already repainted, but not taken to Stars yet.  Waiting for room!

And my very favorite find at this sale, this chunky oak arm-chair!!  It was a tad dry and dingy, so after I took the pics I cleaned it with some orange oil to clean it and brighten up the finish.

Nice detail on the arms.  I’ve seen chairs similar to this (but usually upholstered) with the really SHORT legs, and always wondered WHY the legs are so short.  The seat is probably only 8″ from the ground.  If I sat down in it with my bad back, I doubt I could even get back up!  If anyone knows the history of these chairs and WHY they are so low to the ground, I’d love to hear from you.

It has one little chip on the front edge of the seat.  Not really any way to repair it.  Might just make a cushion seat with a big ruffle on the front to cover the chip.

Pictures of the Stars MAJOR booth re-do coming tomorrow!

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  1. Great finds! Love how the little table and stool turned out. Beautiful color!

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