Newly stocked at Stars (continued)

Back over to the LEFT side of the booth; behind the half round coffee table with benches stacked on top is this:

Most of this is the black and aqua stuff.  More of a shabby Paris Apartment style.  In this section I’ve totally buried a sofa back table with the 9 part curio shelf and skinny cabinet on top.  Underneath are four assorted sizes of benches in the black and aqua.

Another little corner shelf on top of a couple more beachy blue benches.

Assorted white ‘fowl’ vessels on the curio shelf.

This tall skinny cabinet is a re-do of THIS primitive one.


These benches with the fleur-de-lis design are also make-overs of primitive ones show in the aforementioned post.

Little foot stools are always popular and good sellers.  And usually quite handy in layering displays; except (like NOW!) when I am using full size pieces to stack and layer!

This was the ONLY thing that I brought that I didn’t have room to properly display.  It’s an old TV tray, the top was completely ruined, so we saved the base and put a new, slightly bigger top on it; turning it into more of a folding table than TV tray.  NOW I want to paint EVERYTHING with stripes!

This tall white shabby shelf (yet another recent primitive make-over!) is situated to kind of divide the space in half.

LOVE these shabby white wire baskets!















Can you believe ALL that stuff is crammed into an 8’x10′ space?!?!?


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  1. Wow, everything looks fabulous! I love that greenish color with the white, very chic.

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