I’ve got a few different ‘collections’ going in my space at Stars right now:

Vintage architectural pieces are always intriguing.  I’m usually inclined to ‘make them into something’, but for now I just plopped a bunch of these in a big wood trencher.

White dishes.  Classic collectibles that work with just about ANY design theme.  I’ve kept a good stash of assorted white dishes (and some milk glass) in stock for a while now.  The NEW collection is the one on the TOP of the shelf.

Assorted white cherub statues and vases!  (Designers secret:  If you find some that are discolored or just not the color you want . . .spray paint them!)

‘Nekkid’ book bundles!  LOVE these!   The batch above are paper backs from a recent rummage sale where I got them at a REALLY good price.  These bundles are just $5-6.00 each!!

The nekkid hard cover books have MUCH more character and are harder to find at good prices, so they do cost a bit more.  They are just so charming!


A bit of a ‘sub collection’ to the basic white dishes and vases, is a grouping of bird & fowl dishes.

What collections do you decorate your home with?


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