Blank slate. Redecorating a totally BARE bedroom

I’ve always wanted to redecorate a room completely from scratch.  And now I’ve got my chance!  Our water heater (which was located in the closet of the  spare bedroom) sprang a leak a while back.   Said leak went unnoticed by us until a good portion of the room was damaged.  After pulling up carpet and tearing out drywall, Michael finally finished fixing the room, and now I get to decorate it!  Fun!!

The old cream colored woven bedspread fell apart this last time I washed it, so a new spread was in order.  Costco had these WONDERFUL down alternative ‘blankets’ for a crazy good price; so I got a KING size for my queen bed, so there was the extra room at the top to fold over the pillows.  The faux down comforter at folded at the foot of the bed is one I already had.

I cannot stand BARE windows!  ( a window with blinds is STILL bare to me!)   So I scrounged through some left over vintage sheers I had and put one of those up for now.  And took another  smaller and more lacey one and just draped it over the top as a valance.  This may or may not stay.  I’m just trying different things and figuring it out as I go along; and ENJOYING the process.

Pretty stark with ALL the white for now.  Kinda reminded me of a hospital room!!  But instead of rushing to get it done, I left it like this for a day to see how it FELT, and decide if I wanted to add any color just yet.   DAY TWO: look for a headboard.


Have seen big old pieces of moulding used for headboards and I had this piece laying around, so I hung it up to see how I liked it.

Most DEFINITELY too small for the scale of teh room and the wall, but I’ll leave it until I find a replacement.  Maybe it will go over the window eventually??

While I was digging for the curtains, I found this awesome old nightshirt that I’d put in my booth for sale, but it never sold.  So I’m testing how I like it hung in front of the curtain???  Still searching for a headboard . . .


This old door perhaps???

Look at all those layers of paint!!!  Hard to tell what color it will end up being after getting cleaned up and sanded.  HOPING I don’t have to repaint it!  You just can’t replicate that ‘old layers of paint’ patina!

Since this room will also serve as a ‘back up’ craft storage room, Michael is going to build me a BIG shutter cupboard (similar to the pantry he built me!) to go in this corner to store supplies in.  I just hung these faux clock faces there for now because I just hate bare walls!

This dresser sits to the right of the bed.  I painted it a while back and had it in our living room; filled with craft supplies.  All the suitcases and carriers on top are also filled with supplies (paper craft stuff!).  They probably won’t stay where they are.  I may add a hutch to the dresser for more display/storage space and put the suitcases on top of the shutter cupboard once it’s built. 

The closet is TINY.  (new moulding still to come)  But I managed to fit FOUR shelves in it; loaded with craft supplies!  The door on this closet opened IN, and took up all the space, so we are leaving it off, and I’ll be hanging some drop cloth like tab curtains I got at the thrift store.

Inside the closet!! Just enough room for me to slip in and reach the shelves!  Michael is building a small work table that will go to the left of the closet.  I had some big white table legs from a rummage sale and he is building the top out of scrap wood.  Debating on what color to paint the table top???

That’s it for now.  Stay tuned for progress reports.  I’ll try to show you EVERYTHING; including the stuff I decide NOT to keep, so you can learn from the process too.


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  1. Looking forward to progress updates!

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