Framed starfish

Inexpensive blank frame from rummage sale; thick frames work best for this project.  No glass or backing needed.

Painted the frame beachy blue, sanded for a bit of the brown to show though to shabby it up a bit; then glued on a white fingerling starfish using e6oo0.  The satin bow can easily be removed.  Just wanted to give it a try.

Slightly better look at the distressing.  (It NEVER shows up as well in photos!)  I bought my starfish on-line.  Can’t remember which website.  Just browsed until I found the cheapest ones.  These fingerling starfish are a popular wedding item right now, so prices have really gone up!  Your best prices will be from a site that does NOT mention they are for wedding supplies’.  I also bought a few of the bigger ‘knobby’ starfish and used some big  scallop shells I had on hand to frame similarly a while back.

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  1. PERFECT gift for my beachy niece. This technique may work with other “oddments” and extra frames I have hanging around, too. THANK YOU!

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