Design Star. Are you watching?

I missed it last Monday night, so I just saw that episode over the weekend.  Can you believe Cathy?!?!?!?  sheesh!!  Do the judges not SEE the parts of the show that we, the viewers see???  She argues with whomever she is partnered with and mows them over like a bulldozer. 

 Her bit today with “Oh wow, well that’s the FIRST I’ve heard of that!” when the judges called her team on the OVER STYLING (piling crap on every possible surface in the entire room!!) when her Carl tried to say SHE took over all the styling.  “I’ve got this.!”  she told him every time he attempted to get involved in the placement of stuff.  And told him to go back to his tiling.  She wouldn’t LET him be involved with styling and yet wanted him to take responsibility for it at judging???   I do NOT like people like that!!

And she WON the camera challenge, so she’s going to be even WORSE this week!!!  Have mercy.

And what’ up with Kelly?!?!?  Very forcibly insisting that she and Mark put tile on the backsplash.  Mark arguing that he didn’t think they’d have time, and Kelly PROMISING that the tile WOULD get done.  Then leaving it all to Mark AND crying when he tells her he HAS to scrap the other side due to time constraints.  These are supposed to be grown ups here!  And have then not watched other seasons in which I think EVERY SINGLE season had a major mess up involving tiling in the kitchen??? 

It’s almost more worth watching as a COMEDY than anything else anymore.  It has NEVER been as good as the first season.  First season I had David picked out from the get go.  Since then, it seems they are all egotistical buffoons who each stumble upon ONE grand idea to win a challenge and in the end it’s a total toss up as to who will win!  Might better be titled ‘Design DUD’!

Are you watching this season?  What do you think?

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  1. I’m watching! Can’t wait to see tonight’s episode. I agree about Cathy; the sooner she goes the better! I don’t think the judges see all the bickering that goes on … they just see the end product. No one really stands out to me this year (although Mark is cute). David Bromstad was (and is) unique — definitely the best Design Star ever! 🙂

    • HALLELUJAH!!!! She’s gone!!! I literally jumped up off the couch to “woo~hoo!” when they said that. Even missed the preview for next week because I had to run to the den to tell Michael! Good riddance! I sincerely think she was HINDERING the designers whom she was paired up with from doing THEIR best.

      I wonder how many times they had to edit out her quote of “MY wedding was published in 3 national magazines!” If WE heard it three times, she probably said it TEN times! And her little saying about ‘Once burnt, now learnt’ ?!?!?! Are you kidding me???
      She was the one burning the others; and they were too nice to ‘call her out’ in front of the judges.

      NOW I can REALLY look forward to next week!

  2. Oh, I SO agree with you on Cathy!

    I agree that there have been a bunch of duds, but this season I LOVE Karl. His artistic talent just blows me away! I am afraid he might not win, however, because HGTV might think his personality too closely resembles David’s. Well, I say the resemblances is a GOOD thing–who is more loveable than David? I also think that they could give Karl a show with an entirely different slant than the ones in which David has starred.

    Sorry to ramble on, but you pushed a hot button for me!

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