Old drab brown sewing box: updated to shabby chic

Old, drab brown PLASTIC sewing box with the handle missing.  I’ve shabbied up several others of these in the past, but never with the handle missing.  It was too cheap to NOT buy; so I figured I could fashion something for a handle.

I hand painted the outside of the box; then sanded to distress.

Now to find a handle!  First I rummaged through my stash of old handles to see if any of those would fit. 

It was actually easier than I’d expected to find one that fit.  I just glued it into place with some e6000.

As always, it’s MORE distressed in person than you can see in the pics.


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  1. How cute I had one of those sewing boxes when I was 8 and I learned to sew mine was brown and it had a plastic tray that fit down it to hold thread etc!!! Would love to find another one again!

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