Primitive mache boxes updated to shabby chic

This set of three distressed brown mache boxes have been around for years!  Originally in our shop when we were still predominately primitive.  Then blended in with shabby chic pink stuff for a while.  Just never sold!  After being packed away for some time, I finally decided on HOW to make them over.

Each box was a different shade of brown, which I liked; so I left the lids as they were and just repainted the bases my signature beachy blue.

Then I sanded to distress and allow some of the brown to show through that matches the lid.  And YES, I do use my electric orbital sander on paper mache!  Makes VERY quick work of sanding! 

The lids had been ‘stained’ and then varnished, but I didn’t want to ‘subdue’ the blue with any stain; so I just varnished the boxes.

I just LOVE this look. 

These are just in my ‘back up stash’ for now.  Probably awaiting the fall show; but might go to Stars if there’s room.  Just depends on how much ‘holiday’ stuff I get done to take in.  Some booths are ALREADY stocking their Halloween stuff!


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  1. I love these!!!

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