Primitive plant stand updated to shabby chic

The before  photo wouldn’t upload for some reason???  It was a dark mahogany color originally.  A bit more of a modern style that I usually go for, but simple enough lines that just a paint job could transform it to a shabby cottage look.

I did a little bit of prep sanding (orbital sander), two coats of paint then sanded again to distress; for which I also use my orbital sander.

  I use my orbital sander for distressing because it’s faster and easier.  (especially with my bad back!)  But if you don’t have an electric sander, you can distress by hand using a COARSE sanding sponge. 

Why coarse and why a sanding sponge?  Coarse because it works FASTER!  And a sanding sponge  because it’s easier to manuever and handle than a piece if sand paper. 

 The sanding sponges can be a bit pricey (like $3.00 each!) if you go to a big home repair store and buy a single one.  Look for the big bundles of them to go on sale and stock up.  You’ll save in the long run if you do a lot of hand sanding.

I also just found some in a 2 pack at Dollar Tree!!!  And they are every bit as good as the more expensive ones!  You never know how long an item will stay in stock at dollar stores, so again, I suggest stocking up while they have them available.

I just delivered this little stand to Stars yesterday; along with the striped end table and chair.

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  1. That turned out really nice. Turquoise must really be a hot color lately…I’m seeing it everywhere. Thanks for the tip on the sanding blocks at the Dollar Tree…I’m going to head out to ours and see if I can find any.

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