Skull on a stick

I’ve been waiting and WAITING for these glitter skeleton skulls to come in at the dollar store so I could make some more ‘skulls on a stick’ for this year:

The aforementioned waiting has been to no avail.  NO glitter skulls came in this year.  sigh.

But I did find these hollow plastic skulls that I had stashed away last year, to so something similar with.

Since these skulls are a heavier, hollow plastic (as opposed to the others that were solid styrofoam) I couldn’t just ‘poke a stick in them’ as I had done previously.  Plus, the ones from last year proved difficult to display.  Had to put them in a bud vase, which worked ‘okay’ but they kind of tilted forward too much.

Keeping that ‘design flaw’ in mind, I searched through my stash to see what ELSE I could use as a stick that might ‘stand on it’s own’.  Taper candle sticks should do the trick!  And I just happened to have three of them already painted black!  I glued the skulls to the candle holders with e6000. 

Click here to see how I made the ones from last year

I glued some light blue rhinestones in all the eye sockets; added some fluff and frills around the necks, and gave them each their own unique head dress.  This one a mini black top hat.  One with a little black pipe cleaner tiara.  And the other with a tiara attached to a paper crown.  (the silver plastic tiara I used was actually a HAIR COMB, that I broke the comb off of, and glued to the paper crown).

All three of these lovelies have gone to my space at Stars.  Last time I checked, 2 of them had already sold.

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  1. Hey, I think I just recently saw some glitter covered skulls at either Family Dollar or Dollar General.

    • Thanks, but we don’t have EITHER store here in the Northwest.

  2. I love Your new ones you did on the candle taper sticks, beautiful:)!!

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