We had a veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery loooooooooooooooooong spring here in the NW.  Summer didn’t really ‘arrive’ until August; so we were HOPING for a nice long Indian Summer in the early fall, as we are frequently accustomed  to being blessed with.  NOPE!  The calendar date turned to fall the rain started coming.  And continued and continued.  sigh. 

Ah, but this Monday came along.  I was finally feeling recovered from the bee sting and my chest no longer looked like a lobster.  Actually feeling a bit MORE energy than usual from the double dose of steroids (first the shot, then the oral regimen) I was on to combat the allergic reaction to the bee sting.  The morning was chilly and a bit foggy, but when the fog broke . . . it was glorious!!  Not a cloud in the sky and even WARM enough to wear shorts again!  Hallelujah!

I was PUMPED!  I had packed away all my fall and Halloween crafting supplies, even though I really still WANTED to be playing with them.  The week’s worth of work lost due to the bee sting HAD to be made up for, especially this close to show time.  I took all those supplies to the storage shed, and brought in all my Christmas craft supplies.  Three bins full, plus I had about 6 small boxes more in the craft room.  (a lot of if bought POST-season, on sale!) Sorted through ALL of it to see exactly what I had.  (Am I the only one who forgets what stuff they bought if it’s all packed away?!?)  AND even ORGANIZED it all according to color.  A box of gold Christmas stuff, silver, white, traditional red and green, and even some ‘unique’ non traditional colors of pink, line green and turquoise. (from back when we had our store and had room for TEN different Christmas trees.  Oh, and BTW, NONE of those are ‘the color of the year’ for this years Christmas crafting!

I can still make use of all those other colors and sell those items on etsy.  But for the ONE tree I’ll do for the space at Stars I’ve selected ‘yellow gold’ as my FAV color of the year.  I know!  It really doesn’t sound all that exciting.  GOLD is nothing new.  But THIS gold IS newer.  It’s that ‘in-between gold and silver color’ you started seeing a few years ago.  If you see JUST this color by itself, you’d hardly notice it was any different.  But when you see it beside both regular gold and silver, it just POPS!  Very vintage looking!  AND Martha has a glitter that matches, and by the same name.  So I’ll be using old hymnal pages and LOTS OF yellow gold glitter in the next few weeks.

But back to the task at hand for now.  Getting ORGANIZED and making up for lost time.  Got the Christmas craft supplies up onto shelves and out of the way.  Organized the storage she a bit.  Scrubbed a few of the grubby old windows Michael recently procured for me.  Even sorted out a couple of bags of stuff to donate to the thrift store!  And was feeling like I’d accomplished quite a LOT by the time Michael arrived home from work. 

I still needed to get into the trailer and organize that stuff for the fall show.  And start my ‘moss garden’ (more about that later!)  AND another sunny day was predicted, so I was amped!  Michael set up a spot for my moss garden for me to work on the next day. 

Tuesday took a little longer to warm up, but was warmer once it got there.  Had to make one quick run to the post office to mail a couple of etsy orders, then on to the moss garden and trailer.  Was missing ONE BOX of Christmas stuff so I had to scavenge the storage shed for that stuff,  (finished product leftover from last year) sorted through it and added to the donation pile. 

Then about half way through completing my moss garden, a familiar ZING on the back of my leg.  Yep, stung again!!!!  CURSES!!!!  At least this time I DID get the stinger out.  Spent the rest of the day with ice packs on it.  sigh.  What a way to end such a nice fall day, eh???

Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

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  1. The bees are crazy here where we live too (BC, Canada)… apparently because they had such a short season due to weather, they are getting fiesty before the winter comes, trying to get their work done – we’ve all been stung at least once this year… thankfully no allergies though!

  2. … and happy birthday to your man! 😉

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