Gone thrifting!

Recent thrifting finds:

Cute little vintage baby scale.  Won’t it look cute filled with pillows made from an old quilt?  (***Note to self: Don’t forget to SEW aforementioned pillows!)

 I’ve got a good amount of rusty white furniture pieces and accessories for the fall show.  I usually save the white stuff for spring; but I’m really liking the rusty stuff blended with fall for a shabby chic cottage feel.

Christmas card holder for the holidays and magazine or desk rack for the year.

I’m always on the hunt for stuff for the next crafting and decorating season.  I keep a big box on the shelf in my craft room marked ‘Valentine’ and just toss stuff like this that I find throughout the year into the box.  More fun than Christmas  when the time comes to dig into the box and start PLAYING with all the cool stuff I’ve collected over the year! (perfect remedy for that case of cabin fever I get in January!)   BUT, I only buy the ‘off season’ stuff when it’s REALLY, really cheap.  You don’t want to tie up all your ‘funds’ in supplies that you won’t use for quite some time.  BUT, in the long run, if you buy it while it’s crazy cheap, you can really save a lot on supplies!

Finials are always popular.  LOVE that toille border!  No idea what I’ll do with it!  That little wood doll size bench is the perfect size to hold post cards in my booth at Stars.  Vintage bird perfume bottle is a sweet collectible.

Always on the look out for Eiffel Tower and Paris stuff too.  Usually ‘save it up’ until I have enough to create a whole vignette before I put it out for sale.  Even though it WOULD sell regardless of when or how I displayed it; I enjoy the ‘process’ of creating little niches and vignettes.

Cherub vases are something I always buy too.  They aren’t always this ‘satin white’ color that I want.  Sometimes ivory or gold or silver . . . doesn’t matter WHAT color they are when I buy them.  I can always spray paint them to match!  I have NO IDEA what that little kitty on the left is.  I grabbed it thinking I’d found a string dispenser.

Alas, I really should have taken the time to put on my reading glasses and look more closely!  It says BENIHANA on the back!!!  Obviously NOT a string dispenser; but WHAT???  I’ve never been to Benihana.  Anyone know what this is???  A tea pot or sake server???

White sugar bowls, creamers, gravy boats and pitchers are basic ‘must haves’ and I always keep them well stocked at Stars.  The rusty white tea light lantern will probably get decorated for Christmas.  (with REMOVABLE decorations of course!  I always try to allow for MULTIPLE uses of items.  Not permanently attaching seasonal adornments is an easy way to keep an item ‘current’ for different seasons)

I have a soft spot for these vintage ceramic baby shoes.   Is this the COOLEST heavy glass shoe shaped bottle EVER????  I’m at a loss for what to do with it though.  Just may be one of those things I just sell ‘as is’.

 Old bottles and cloches are consistently good sellers.  That vase in the middle will be turned upside down and get a knob added to turn it into a cloche too.

Vintage pedestal cake plates.

Ceramic urn, which may well be the future ‘home’ for some LIVE moss balls I am going to try to create.  The big pillar candle holder reminded me of a crown; which I’ve added to my new crown collection.

What fun stuff have YOU found lately??

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  1. Are you able to ship stuff? I really like the magazine rack.

    • Sorry Linda, but the cost to have such an item ‘packed and shipped’ would cost more than the item itself. $20.00 isn’t bad for the little tack, but add on the $30.00 to have UPS pack (because we do not have supplies for packing and shipping large items) and ship it, and it’s just not worth it anymore.

  2. The Benihana cat is for cocktails. They call them “Tiki Mugs.”
    There are a variety of styles and characters at the different restaurants.

    • Thanks Arlene! The blog link was VERY helpful. Looks like the cat that I’ve got is a fairly RARE one, with the eyes painted in. Maybe I can sell it as a collectible on etsy!

  3. You have really inspired me. Now I look at things in a new light! Found so many things around the house I would have put in a yard sale now they are repurposed. Planning on opening a booth at our local antique shop (where I work) in the spring. Now I have the dreary cabin fever months to work on my projects. Most of my theme is for the garden.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Can I go shopping with you? You came home with some amazing finds.That glass foot is rather unique.

  5. Fun stuff!! What kind of adhesive do you use to affix your knobs to glass? I’ve tried everything and either it doesn’t work or you can tell it’s been glued. 😦

  6. I love all your ideas it inspires me!! By the way what is “star”

    • Stars Antiques in Portland is where we have a booth and sell our wares.

  7. I thought the Benihana was for incense. You really do learn something new everyday! E6000 is the best thing since sliced bread. I am really enjoying your blog, thanks for sharing! Happy junking 🙂

  8. Love, love, love the cake pedestals!

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