Outdated thrift store primitive pumpkin ~ updated to shabby cottage farmhouse chic

I remember when these carved resin pumpkins first came out on the market and were CRAZY expensive!  Now they’re on the shelf at the thrift store, out dated and no longer wanted.  And CHEAP!  A perfect candidate for shabby chic update.

I gave the whole thing (except the stem) a couple of good coats of antique white craft paint.  Unfortunately the paint seeped into the engraved parts, so those ended up needing darkening to show up.

Good ole Ralph Lauren tobacco glaze to the rescue. (ANY antiquing glaze would work; I’m just an RL paint products fan!) Generously applied the glaze to the entire surface, making sure is filled the engraved parts.  Then gently ‘dab away’ the excess glaze from the surface area, avoiding removing it from the engraved area. 

As is often the case, I couldn’t leave well enough alone though.  And a day later I added a spritz of some iridescent ‘glitter spray’; for a bit more of a holiday glitz!  Either way; a fairly simple update for an outdated decor item. 

The moral of this story is, the next time you decide to change up your decorating style, set the outdated stuff aside for a few days and ponder the possibilities of updating them before tossing or donating them.    Sometimes the change you need is as simple as a new coat of paint!

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  1. I really love, love this idea!! Thank you, now to find one.


  2. This idea is really nice. After few adjustment, the pumpkin become great decorating item again.

    The epilogue of this post is very useful, sometimes I trashed out many items that has potential to be beautiful things if I update them. Maybe I will put in more consideration next time.

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