In mourning

Over the loss of EVERYTHING on my computer!  sigh  Many OLDER photos were saved to a disc; but I upload at least 300 pics a month  . .  .ALL the pics for Christmas projects are GONE!  At least the majority of them are memorialized here in my blog!

The good news is the computer still will work.  My son is bringing it back tomorrow.  I’m gonna go cry myself to sleep now.


I’ll be back with new posts as soon as I’m able.  Will probably just skip Christmas (craft posts that is!) this year and go straight to Valentines for the next projects.  Then HOPEFULLY get an early start on Christmas ideas for next year.  I already went out and bought some Christmas crafting supplies on clearance for next year.  Last year I waited till AFTER Christmas and nothing was left!


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  1. Hope it’s not too late but did your hard drive crash and you had to get a new one? That has happened to me before so once you get the new hard drive setup, you could ask your son to hook up your ‘bad’ hard drive as a secondary hard drive and see if you can still access the files! I’ve done that on more than one occasion (like recently) and I was able to get all the files I needed. It could be the operating system failed so it no longer can boot up…doesn’t mean the files are not there anymore. If he reformatted your crashed hard drive then they are gone but if not there is still hope! Hope this helps!

    • Thanks Jeannie,
      It appears that “I” inasveretedly DID reformat the hard drive while attempting to follow the instructions for rebooting from the soft ware people. sigh. Keep calm and carry on, I guess! aj

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