My computer is out of commission AGAIN!!!

My DS forgot to tell me that I needed to BUY a new virus protection program last time.  sigh.  Will do that FIRST THING when I get it back this time.  I can ‘post’ to my blog on this borrowed computer, but all my pictures are on MY computer.  So, how about a great FREEBIE I just happened upon?

FREE PRINTABLES  compliments of Astrid’s Artistic Efforts to get you started on some hand made Valentines?

Or perhaps you’d like to see what’s new in my etsy shop?   Will be adding LOTS more to etsy when I get my computer back next week.

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  1. If your internet provider is Comcast or ATT, I think they have a program available as part of their charge.

  2. Try AVG Virus Protection. It is free and does an excellent job. You can download it on Cnet

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