Latest pictures of my space at Stars

Sorry it’s been so long since I posted pics of the booth.  We had some unseasonably warm, dry and SUNNY weather and I got totally side tracked working on painting projects outside.  We’re back to our usual dreary, grey and WET winter now though.  sigh.  Anyhow!  Here are the latest pics of my space at Stars.

Lots of the Valentine stuff has sold, but I still have plenty left to select from.

YUMMY smelling chocolate truffle candles.  Zero calories!

Pretty glass pedestal with cloche top to present them in.

Several cake platters to choose from too.

Gift wrapped REAL sweets.  Vintage metal tray chalk/magnet boards to write love notes on!

AND a little FREE goody gift with any purchase.  *while supplies last.  (HINT: it begins with ‘choc’ and ends with ‘ate’!)

Lots of new signs.  (not enough room to HANG them all though!)

Sneaking in a bit of the beach decor.  Lots more to come after V-day.

Another little Paris suitcase.  This one with a chandelier.

Both Stars locations are now open longer hours.  Seven days a week; 11am – 6pm

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  1. Again, a stunning collection of items. I get so excited when I see a blog alert from you.

    Chris (Guernsey)

  2. I always love to browse your booth! So many pretties! Was wondering what kind of paint you use to paint your suitcases, if you don’t mind sharing. Warm Hugs,

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